Look over yonder, what do your eyes gaze upon?

Is it yet another treacherous, wretched mug and t-shirt monger out to lighten your wallet?

Is it a malnourished artist trying to scrape together a living from peddling petty trinkets? 

Is it a strapping young, mayhap approaching middle-aged, lad wanting to thicken his own purse at your expense?

Truth be told I belong mostly in the last category. I am certainly not starving, but neither am I out to bamboozle or hornswoggle you out of your hard-earned medium of exchange! What I am is simply someone that loves to draw and doodle stupid, hopefully funny, and sometimes offensive things. Some of those things look rather dashing on a t-shirt and mug so I thought, why not put them there? That is why I have this small store housed in a remote corner of the web. I hope you will find something among my creations that tickles your taste and grabs your attention.